BRP Acquires Select Alta Motors Assets

Interest in alternative energies prompts purchase

BRP, makers of the Can-Am Spyder and many other powersports vehicles, has acquired assets from defunct electric motorcycle maker Alta Motors.Can-Am

Today we've learned that BRP, the company that makes Ski-Doo, Can-Am, Rotax, and various other branded vehicles, has purchased select assets from Alta Motors. The move is part of BRP's interest in expanding its stake in alternative energy-powered machines in the powersports industry.

The press release from BRP indicates the purchased assets include intellectual property, patents, and some physical assets, though the specifics are not detailed. BRP does say, flatly, that it “has no interest in restarting operations of Alta Motors.”

Alta Motors officially closed up shop last October, abruptly ceasing operations as it sought to reduce costs while seeking additional funding. Alta had started to make a name for itself in the off-road market with its Redshift MX and MXR machines, and for a while seemed to be poised for even more success. A failed partnership with Harley-Davidson and dramatically reduced pricing on its motorcycles did sound the alarms somewhat, but its ultimate demise came a surprise to customers and brand staff alike.

Alta’s electric motorcycle assets will come in handy for BRP as it continues to work on electric and hybrid prototypes of machines like the Can-Am Spyder and electric karts through Rotax. There is currently no indication of the specific projects Alta’s assets might be linked to, so we’ll have to stay tuned.