Bridgestone presents a new option for enduro competitors in the Battlecross E50 tire, a refined off-road option that promises reliable grip in difficult terrain. There's one front tire size and two rear sizes available at launch in the US and Canada this month: a 90/90-21 M/C 54P W front and 120/90-18 M/C 65P W and 140/80-18 M/C 70P W rears.

Battlecross E50 tires
Get through the toughest conditions imaginable with the new Battlecross E50 tires.Bridgestone

Bridgestone uses a design technology called Castle Block to improve grip on all surfaces. Castle Block is a convexed block that has a secondary tread surface protruding from the standard blocks of the tire. This gives the tire more edge areas that can grip in slick or loose conditions. The Battlecross E50 also features a bunker design at the base of the tread blocks to provide more edge surface for when the tire is completely submerged in mud, for example.

Castle Block and bunker technology
The Castle Block and bunker technology in the Battlecross E50 tires promises much improved grip in all difficult terrain.Bridgestone

These tires are the result of plenty of research on Bridgestone’s part, with every component designed to optimize grip in a straight line and while cornering. The company utilized 3-D simulations to refine the shape of the Castle Blocks and bunkers to ensure the concept was functional and an improvement on existing tire technology in the segment.

bridgestone battlecross e50 tires
One front tire size and two rear sizes will be available at launch.Bridgestone

They were originally released in Japan in November 2018. Now, customers in the US and Canada can purchase the tires while the remaining regions of the world can expect the tires to launch in February.

Also, the Battlecross E50 tires are DOT approved and conform to existing FIM regulations, so they can be used immediately in competition.