Brembo Brake Facts for MotoGP at Red Bull U.S. Grand Prix

USA | Laguna Seca (24_07_2011)

Courtesy of Brembo

Circuit Data **
: 3,610 m
Number of laps: 32
Type of circuit: Medium
Number of brakings: 8
Pole 2010: J. Lorenzo (Yamaha) - 1'20,978''
Time spent under braking per lap: 24%
Expected time spent under brake on 2011: 24%

International Circuit
The Californian circuit is one of the most idiosyncratic venues on the MotoGP calendar, not least because overtaking is especially difficult. Because the surface too is far from perfect, the Laguna Seca track can be very tricky, with hazardous bends, and bumps to be negotiated with great care, so that the performance of the brakes is particularly important.