BMW Motorrad - Travel Writers Needed

Travel writers needed

There can't be many more satisfying achievements than making an exciting long-distance motorcycle trip, writing about it and then seeing your book published all over the world. Great works of travel literature, such as Ted Simon's Jupiter's Travels, Che Guevara's The Motorcycle Diaries and Helge Pedersen's 10 Years on Two Wheels have inspired thousands to create their own life-changing adventures by motorcycle.

BMW Motorrad is looking for this kind of inspiring writing to feature on the 'tour tips' section of its Enduro World website and is inviting budding writers to submit short stories of their own two-wheeled travel experiences. The best ones will be published online in the hope of inspiring thousands of BMW motorcycle owners to just get on their bikes and ride.

If you have done a motorcycle journey that you think others would like to read about - and possibly even try themselves - then please visit the Enduro World website for details of how to submit your stories and pictures. BMW Motorrad is offering the latest Canada to Mexico Touratech DVD to everyone who has his or her work published on the Enduro World Internet special.

Touratech's Executive Director Herbert Schwarz has spent many years building up his successful motorcycle accessories company, but he always finds time to make a special trip every year in order to test the latest products that are being developed for various motorcycles. These trips have taken him all over the world to places such as Bolivia, Africa, India etc, but he always finds time to write about the trips, which are then published in the annual catalogue, in the hope of inspiring others to make similar journeys on their enduro motorcycles.

"I have to do these trips every year, otherwise I would go crazy!" says Herbert. "If I was unable to travel anymore, I would have made a big mistake in my choice of career, so I always make the time to see a new part of the world every year. Writing about these journeys is great - especially if it inspires others to make their own trips."

Enduro World is not looking for a 350-page global odyssey, but is hoping to build up a good library of genuine travel writing from various countries around the world. In doing so, then people planning their own long-distance trip-of-a-lifetime can use these as a reliable and concise source of reference about the particular country visited, weather conditions, riding terrain, helpful hints, areas to avoid, and so on.

Words (750 maximum) and pictures can be submitted until 30 April by visiting the Enduro World website ( and clicking on the Tour Tip link, which gives details and guidance on what to write.