Big News - Troy Lee Designs Is Reaching Out To New Customers In Cyberspace

The popular search engine Google launched a new set of themes and gadgets for it's personalized homepage feature, called "iGoogle". The new themes and gadgets were custom designed by a select group of talented artists and designers, including Troy Lee. iGoogle allows people to easily create individualized pages with snippets of information ("gadgets"), including games, news, and video from across the web without having to bring up each site individually.

For this special project, TLD collaborated with the folks at Google to develop a Troy Lee Designs Racing Calendar gadget, which displays information about racing events throughout the year. Specifically, racing events that TLD racers are involved with including Supercross, Motocross, Supermoto, Superbike, Mountain Bike, BMX, NASCAR, Champ Car, Indy Car, the American LeMans Series, plus the XGames and Olympics. The calendar gadget can be added to any iGoogle homepage, so people can see at a glance what racing events are happening each month.

"Google is on the cutting edge of internet technology, much in the same way that TLD is on the cutting edge of racing," says Troy Lee." Troy Lee's Racing Calendar gadget allows race fans to easily see what events are coming up in their area."

iGoogle Themes is a feature on iGoogle that allows users to easily place a design or "theme" on their Google homepage. The themes are dynamic, which means they can change based on variables such as the user's time of day or weather conditions. Troy Lee Designs themes will feature images of racers from various sports, and the images change depending on the time of day. TLD is proud to introduce the first and only sports/racing iGoogle themes available to date.

Troy Lee is excited about this project because it involves art, racing, and technology. "Working with Google has given us another avenue to reach out to our fans," says Troy, "and a great opportunity to connect with new ones."

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