Our Top 10 Motorcycle Videos of 2016: Finally, Number 1!

MC Garage answers the question: Will WD-40 destroy your chain?

This MC Garage really riled up the hornet's nest! And we knew it would. Whether or not it's okay to clean your chain with WD-40 is an argument that's still raging strong after several decades of debate.

To put this video together Ari did his research. He spoke to representatives from chain and o-ring manufacturers, talked with petroleum engineers, investigated the ingredients in WD-40 (they’re mostly a secret, as it turns out), and even donned his wife’s lab coat to perform some quasi-scientific experiments.

Despite all this, plenty of the internet's finest trolls insist Ari is at best an idiot and at worst a puppet for motorcycle manufacturers who, by encouraging people to clean their chains with WD-40, will unintentionally destroy their drivetrains and be forced to buy a new bike. This video brought the nutjobs out of the woodwork, but it also seems to have resonated as intelligent, unbiased, and well-researched for at least a couple of hundred thousand viewers.

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