Banned Breed Productions Announces Production for New Motorcycle Travel Series

Press release courtesy of Banned Breed Productions

Dallas-based Banned Breed Productions, a television production company, has announced the production of "2 Wheel Passport," a new television travel series that will take viewers to various scenic destinations across the United States on a motorcycle.

"2 Wheel Passport" was initially broadcasted and a hit travel/destination program in Europe. Banned Breed Productions will begin filming "2 Wheel Passport" in early 2007 for broadcast in the United States, with plans to eventually televise the show to an international audience in Western Europe, Australia and the United Kingdom. They are working in tandem with London-based Hub TV, the producer of the original European show.

After each episode's initial broadcast, it will be available to watch online and for download onto iPods and MP3s. Route maps, itineraries, GPS coordinates, and restaurant and lodging recommendations will also be available for download to navigation systems, computers and other devices. This allows the viewer to literally take the show with them as they travel to the same destinations and be able to locate specific routes, sights and stopping places that they wish to experience for themselves.

On each one-hour episode, a diverse group of motorcycling enthusiasts will take the viewer on an adventure as they travel to destinations such as the legendary "318 curves in 11 miles" Tail of the Dragon at Deals Gap, North Carolina, the Texas Hill Country, the Estes Park and Rocky Mountains in Colorado, the 469-mile Blue Ridge Parkway between Shenandoah and Great Smoky Mountains National Parks, the majestic West Coast along Pacific Coast Highway, the Grand Canyon in Arizona, the serene New England Coast, and other beautiful, must-see scenic routes throughout the United States.

Each episode is designed to make the most of an area within a specific time frame. Regardless if the viewer has just a long weekend, or is visiting the United States for an extended time and wants to experience as many areas as possible, he or she will experience what can be done within these different time frames. Topics included in each episode include:

  • Looking for Adventure - Episode introduction; showcasing the reasons riders visit this destination
  • Weapon of Choice - Which bike is most suited to the terrain
  • Not From Around These Parts - Special motorcycling protocol observed in the area
  • Touring Tip of the Week - Touring advice answering frequently asked questions

About "2 Wheel Passport"
The series "2 Wheel Passport" was initially broadcast in Europe in 2003 and is now beginning U.S. production for broadcast to a global market. The new incarnation will take advantage of today's rapidly changing technology by utilizing the web to provide downloadable GPS maps, restaurant and lodging reviews and making the series available for download to iPods and computers. Up to date series details are available at Banned Breed Productions --

About Banned Breed Productions
Banned Breed Productions is a television production company, located in Dallas, Texas, that specializes in reality and documentary television program development. Banned Breed is currently producing and developing programming for broadcast to a global market as well as Internet downloads. Current production line-ups are focused on the Motorcycle and Travel industries. The principals of Banned Breed have an extensive background in the Broadcast, Recording and Internet industries. As recipients of the 27th Annual Clarion Award for their internet work for PBS Online's "The U.S. - Mexican War (1846-1848)," they are at the forefront of their industry at successfully blending the new media technologies of today. For more information, visit