Bad Economy Bike Hunt

Taking action to turn things around! Arizona’s small business owners are looking to the motorcycle community to turn our economic problems around!

Julia Hutton is the owner of Biker Babes & Beyond. As a small business owner she knows firsthand how hard this economy has been. As a part of the motorcycle community, she knew how bikers banded together in times of need. And the Bad Economy Bike Hunt was born.

It's a grassroots effort designed to generate awareness for Arizona's awesome small businesses and encourage spending local. The incentive is a chance to ride off into the sunset on a brand new $35,000 custom chopper!!

Anyone can travel to the participating merchants, pick up clues and try to uncover the location of the new motorcycle’s hidden keys. By giving away a bike, we hope the motorcycle world will do what it does best; spread the word! The Bike Hunt is already underway so time is of the essence!

You can find more information at or by contacting Michelle at