Back In The Day: Kawasaki Gear Box From 1979

A throwback collectible for your Kawi basket case.

Milk crates are and always will be the multi-purpose step stool, garage seat, dirt bike stand, general storage, and bike parts carry-all. Kawasaki recognized this back in 1979 when it first offered a branded and logoed lime green version called the "Gear Box." The Team Green accessories catalog described the Gear Box as "a useful high-strength plastic container that you can use as a travel race-bike stand, pit box or display organizer." This was a must-have for riders who bled lime green.

We were walking the aisles of a local vintage bike swap meet recently and spotted a vendor lugging his wares in a mint Kawi Gear Box. The old guy was somewhat baffled when I offered to buy the container without its rusty treasures and he gladly accepted a 20 for it.

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