Baby on Board | Fashion Police

As motorcyclists, we all find it very important to be seen by other motorists. For some, that means wearing high-viz riding suits or reflective vests; for others, brightly colored helmets or flashy jackets. But leave it to the road warriors of California’s I-105 freeway to invent a fresh, new way of grabbing motorists’ attention: the old "Baby on Board" routine.

Listen, folks: "Loud pipes save lives" really is passé. It's high time we implemented "Pillion babies scare off cagies" (the title is a work in progress). It's true: Babies can successfully be used to scare off lots of things. Friends, for instance, along with careers and financial stability. Why not add tailgaters to the list?

Clearly, this was an experiment in progress. Daddy Dearest was doing this for science! Our father-in-training-wheels didn’t stop with just a sign, either—he followed through with a replica baby (for testing purposes, natch) to carry the illusion a little further. I don’t know if this is what the old man had in mind, but I'm sure Xavier Roberts would be delighted to see one of his kids lane-splitting on the freeway.

In all fairness, I think this rider is a pioneer in the attention-getting sciences. Today, it's "Baby on Board;" tomorrow "Children at Play." Let's just stay away from those "Wide Load" signs. That's definitely a moto-fashion no-no!