Arrow's "Aluminium revolution"

A new look for aluminium silencers

Aluminium, despite excellent mechanical properties, seemed to be something "out of date", being replaced by more advanced materials like titanium or even magnesium alloys. Since the middle of the '90s, Arrow started using aluminium to produce silencers and a couple of years ago showed its line of "dark" aluminium silencers, black anodized. Arrow's aluminium silencers range now is being updated again, introducing the carbon endcap (even if this was available for certain few models) and other improvements in the look. This new line is being identified with the suffix "AK" (transparent-anodized silencers) and "AKN" (black-anodized silencers) on the product code. "AK" and "AKN" silencers are available in Street Thunder, Race-Tech and Maxi Race-Tech versions, these are street legal with removable dB-killer and can be fitted to original pipes (as a slip-on) or on Arrow collectors (as a full system), depending on model. Arrow logo is monochromatic and only for BMW range, the logo is laser-etched. Aluminium and Aluminium "Dark" silencers are available for a wide and growing range of bikes, constantly upgraded, and these ensure top performance and a different look at a very reasonable price. Components and hardware to fit the silencer and approval certificates are given in the fitting kit.

To know if there are any of these exhaust available for your bike, check on Arrow's website ( and look for the blue [NEW] icon.

Off-road Passion
25 years of tradition

Arrow was born producing special parts for off-road bikes. So all comes from off-road, at first for 2 strokes bikes then for 4 strokes bikes, starting from World Champioship, trought Paris-Dakar rallies to arrive after a while to MogoGP and SBK and all the rest. In 2011 season partnership with Honda World Motocross Team has started, this made it possible to improve develpment and production of off-road exhausts, introducing Trophy silencers on certain off-road exhausts. Race regulations are continuosly changing to reduce noise impact of racing activities and these changes required a strong commitment on development and testing to low down the noise without compromising performance. In the last years Arrow worked together with Italian Motorcycling Federation during on-site tests and workshops to understand how to reduce the noise imprint around the racetracks.

This work done together with MX1 and MX2 teams and with Italian Motorcycling Federation allowed Arrow to design and produce exhaust systems with top-perfomance, meeting Italian and Interational noise regulations.

Exhausts have a built-in plug for oxygen sensors for Fuel Injection engines. Materials guarantee a reduced weight ad high performance, meeting noise requirements in-force in 2012 race season.