ARC-X and AltRider Team Up to Send America's Best Riders to The BMW GS Trophy Competition

2010 Adventure Rider Challenge

(MARCH 31, 2010) SEATTLE, WA - It's time to get muddy, messy, bruised and bashed up, because April 29 is the beginning of one of the most difficult competitions in North America: the 2010 Adventure Rider Challenge (ARC-X).

Rawhyde Adventures launched the competition four years ago, but this is the first time that adventure moto company AltRider will be present and sponsoring the challenge. It is also the year the challenge will be the qualifier event for Americans hoping to compete for the second biennial BMW International GS Trophy. AltRider president and founder, Jeremy LeBreton, said he's looking forward to partnering with Rawhyde Adventures to produce the experience.

"It's not just the fastest, the craziest, the most talented guys who win," LeBreton said. "We see true raw talent, because Jim and his team build tests to challenge the moderate and best riders. And it's just good camaraderie and a great group of guys, who are very much looking forward to getting back down there."

That camaraderie will have to wait till the evening campfires, however. Although the ARC-X organizers and BMW want to see the riding community grow through the event, they only want to send the most rugged, well-rounded riders to South Africa for the BMW International GS Trophy. ARC-X participants will spend their days in brutal courses and tasks designed to truly test every rider's skills and composure.

This year's event has been named "Double Jeopardy," because there are two rounds of difficult challenges. The first round pares down the masses to 20 finalists by subjecting them to extreme canyoneering, trials-style arenas, and a challenging course of teeter totters, suspension bridges, pits and more.

Those who survive the harrowing first day will go on to the second round, where they will face difficult terrain and exacting judges. Each rider will traverse the course alone before scores are calculated. The top three contenders will be named, and sent to compete in South Africa as Team USA for the BMW International GS Trophy. AltRider is proud to support the 2010 Adventure Rider Challenge and the next Team USA. You can find out more about the company and sign up to receive updates by visiting their website at

ARC-X and AltRider Team Up to Send America's Best Riders to The BMW GS Trophy Competition
Uneven terrain, debris, and shifting gravel can make seemingly straightforward courses more challenging than first anticipated.
Exhilarating routes keep riders on their toes.