Andrew's 1995 Honda VFR800

He built his own dream bike!

1995 Honda VFR800
1995 Honda VFR800Andrew Stoesz

NAME: Andrew Stoesz
AGE: 33
HOME: Vernon, British Columbia
OCCUPATION: Cabinet Maker

Driven by the desire to own a modern naked bike—but the lack of funds to actually purchase one—I decided to build my own dream bike. Plus, I like to design and create!

I sold my 2002 VFR and purchased a 1995 VFR in good condition. Selling the parts I took off helped fund the build. The bike has many parts from other motorcycles, and the only major real parts that remain stock are the main frame, engine, swingarm, and gas tank.

My goal with the build was an OEM-plus design—something I think a factory might actually produce. I took great care and effort to make sure the bike functioned like a factory-built motorcycle or better. I now have 11,000 kilometers on it since the rebuild and love it! It works perfectly and does exactly what I wanted it to while looking good in the process.

I have always thought a magazine comparison between my bike and modern middleweight naked bikes would be a fun comparison. The buttery-smooth VFR engine and analog attachment the rider has with this bike is something I believe modern bikes have trouble attaining. And, yes, I know the Honda badges are on backward…