America’s Pastime: Harley-Davidson Motorcycles and Baseball—Episode 6, Milwaukee

Touring baseball’s iconic stadiums on iconic American iron.

At the root of it, America’s Pastime was all about stitching together a tour to see baseball. It was about combining the iconic American motorcycle, Harley-Davidson, with the iconic American pastime. The sub concept was to visit some of the oldest and newest ball fields in the game, from Fenway Park, built in 1912 and the oldest field in the sport, to Yankee Stadium, built in 2009 and one of the newest stadiums in Major League Baseball.

Joining us on the trip were 12 consumers, many with little or no experience aboard big Harleys. We also brought Ron Kittle, retired ballplayer probably best known for his 1983 rookie season with the Chicago White Sox, where he not only won Rookie of the Year honors and participated in the All Star Game, but hit 35 home runs. Ron gave us behind-the-scenes access to the some fields, including US Cellular Field, which is the White Sox facility.

Join us as we enjoy America’s pastime and ride from Boston to the Bronx, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, South Bend, Chicago, and, finally, into Milwaukee.

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