American Sport Tour dates announced, Motus online store launched.

Motus Insiders Update

In this update:
* Motus American Sport Tour dates
* Motus launches online store
* New MST Data Sheet
* Congratulations to Pratt&Miller;/Corvette Racing on their 7th win at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.
* Frequently Asked Questions

Motus announces American Sport Tour dates for July....

We are excited to announce the schedule for the first leg of the American Sport Tour which will take us from Alabama to California and back in July. Click here for a map showing many of the stops along the way and click each city for specifics. Come check out the MST prototypes at one of the select locations (and please pass this along to your friends, too!) as we ride across the U.S. testing the bikes, meeting with potential dealers, and hanging with old/new friends.

Motus launches online store for apparel....

Help show your support for Motus and purchase a cap or t-shirt today. The commemorative 2011 American Sport Tour shirt will be available while supplies last only. Click here to browse our new gear available for immediate shipment. Free shipping in the U.S.

Download the NEW MST data sheet:

Congratulations to our friends at Pratt & Miller/Corvette Racing for winning the 2011 24hrs of Le Mans....

Visit our Facebook page for more pictures and tour info. Click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

**Q: Where can I see, test ride, and purchase a Motus MST or MST-R? **
* Motus motorcycles and related products will be sold through a network of existing, rider oriented dealerships. We are working with dealers that have inquired and we are reaching out to others that have been highly recommended by riders. We need your input! If you have a favorite dealer that may be a good fit for a new line of premium American sportbikes, please let us know who they are. And, please let the management there know you want to test ride a Motus.

Q: What are the differences between the MST and MST-R?
* Both the MST and MST-R are comfortable sportbikes designed for long range canyon carving, solo or two up. Both the base model MST and the premium MST-R are exhilarating, charismatic machines powered by the mighty KMV4 "baby block" engine. The premium "R" version is lighter and comes standard with the highest level of componentry available. Upgrade options and trim/feature packages will be offered on both models.

Q: What it the expected retail price of the MST and MST-R?
* We will announce final pricing, options, and full production specifications for the MST series later in 2011. We are still evaluating key components and suppliers and are working hard to keep the base price affordable for a wide range of riders. Please stay tuned.

Q: What is the American Sport Tour?
* To make sure the MST's meet strict durability, performance, comfort and range standards, we are conducting a high level validation program that includes internal static testing as well as extensive real world road tests. We will be riding the MST's to the four corners of the US during our American Sport Tour to test in every possible condition, altitude, road surface, and weather change, so that, by the time production begins, the MST's meet or exceed each of our standards. Along the way, we will meet with supporters and dealers that have voiced interest. More detailed travel plans and itineraries will be published soon, but please feel free to send us your suggestions of beautiful routes, challenging road rides, and other interesting/notable places that we should consider including on our American Sport Tour. We would love for you to join us and ride along as well.

Q: Does Motus have plans to build a streetfighter, automatic transmission, 3 wheeler, side-car, adventure bike, dual sport, smaller/larger displacement, turbo charged version, hovercraft, track car, etc?
* Motus is focused squarely on building comfortable American sportbikes. We can not confirm nor deny any other future plans. Please stay tuned for a lot more from Motus in the years to come.

**Q: Is Motus looking for test riders? **
* We currently have a full slate of professional test and development riders.

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About Motus
Motus is headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama- the heart of the deep South- with Honda, Mercedes, Volkswagen and Toyota nearby. Also located conveniently is the Barber Motorsports Park which houses the world's largest motorcycle museum and a spectacular race track. Founded in 2008, Motus is developing the first V4-powered American sport touring motorcycles. MST series motorcycles and accessories will be sold internationally through a network of rider oriented dealerships and distributors (please inquire if interested).

The Motus MST's are sportbikes being engineered for performance, comfort, and range. The MST concept is a fresh take on the popular sport touring experience designed for extended, spirited journeys, solo or two up. The Motus MST series, including the MST and the premium MST-R, are powered by proprietary, direct injected KMV4 engines that combine low maintenance with high performance and a completely unique character.

For more information about Motus, please visit or email or our Facebook fan page.