AMA Renews Support for National Crash Study

Nationwide research to begin in 2007

The AMA, in light of recent statistics showing an increase in motorcycle-related fatalities, has again expressed its support for comprehensive nationwide research into the causes of motorcycle crashes.

Motorcycle fatalities increased by 13 percent in 2005 over 2004, according to statistics released yesterday by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). It was the eighth consecutive annual increase in fatalities, after years of decline during the 1990s.

The transportation bill passed last year by Congress included funding for the first comprehensive study of the causes of motorcycle crashes since the well-known Hurt report done in the late 1970s.

"The continued increase in motorcycling fatalities is a matter of concern for the entire American motorcycling community," said the AMA's Moreland, "but these statistics don't tell us why the toll keeps climbing. We're anxious for the crash study to begin, to show us the best ways to prevent crashes and save lives."

The crash study will be conducted by the Oklahoma Transportation Center, part of Oklahoma State University, and is expected to begin in 2007.

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