AMA Get Out and Ride Your Way! Week: April 4-10

PICKERINGTON, Ohio -- It may not be spring in every corner of America, but that won't stop tens of thousands of American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) members from enjoying the thrill of motorcycling during AMA Get Out and Ride Your Way! Week, April 4-10.

The first week of AMA Get Out and Ride! Month kicks off a month-long online celebration of all things motorcycling, including the giveaway of some great prizes. Taking center stage in AMA Get Out and Ride! Month are AMA members and other motorcyclists. Many have already begun putting their riding plans into action.

"I already got stuck in two snowstorms this month here [in northeastern Pennsylvania], but will suit up [April 1] just to support the opening day of Get Out and Ride!" wrote Ron Lieback on the AMA Get Out and Ride Facebook page. "I already have my first four-day trip planned down south in two weeks time, so I'm hoping Mother Nature directs her snow-making ways far north!"

"82 degs F in [Las] Vegas and ridin' my BMW R1200GS Adventure," said Robert Starling.

Texan Greg Todd wrote: ""Here in Texas, motorcycling is like BBQing: it's not seasonal. So I try to ride at least once a day."

Sandy Langford Reece echoes the sentiments of many: "I'll be riding!!!!"

Motorcyclists looking to ride "their way" can take advantage of some cool opportunities in 2011 with AMA Grand Tours with KOA Along the Way, which allow riders to participate at their own pace and on their own schedule. A typical AMA Grand Tour program directs riders to visit a designated number of checkpoints and then document their visits. For 2011 there are four excellent AMA Grand Tours:

  • AMA Right to Ride Grand Tour (Ride for your Rights!) * SCMA Four Corners Grand Tour * Midnight Riders Travel the USA with KOA Grand Tour * Eddie's Road & Team Strange Airheads Smoke Chasing 2011 Grand Tour

For details about AMA Grand Tours with KOA Along the Way, go to > Riding > Street > Grand Tours.

Prefer solo riding on some of the best roads in America? Get started now! AMA members just named "America's Top 15 Motorcycling Roads" in the April issue of American Motorcyclist magazine. It's available for viewing online at, starting on page 46.

AMA members have even more resources at their fingertips. Off-road riders can access a comprehensive list of places to ride in the AMA Trails Atlas, and street riders can learn about AMA member's favorite roads at AMA Great Roads. Just visit > Members Area to find your piece of riding heaven this week.

AMA Get Out and Ride! Month showcases the riding activities of AMA members and other motorcyclists across the country, with weekly themes and daily details on a special web page at > Riding > GetOutAndRide, a dedicated Facebook page and a Twitter feed, @ GetOutNRide.

AMA members are submitting stories, photos and videos throughout the month, with a weekly winner selected for the best submission. The best story for AMA Get Out and Ride Your Way! Week, April 4-10, will receive a $100 gift card from AMA benefit partner and corporate member

For details and more, be sure to visit > Riding > GetOutAndRide.

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