AltRider Debuts Parts for the Yamaha Super Tenere XT1200Z

(APRIL 6, 2011) – SEATTLE, WASHINGTON – American motorcycle accessory manufacturer AltRider now has hard parts available for the Yamaha Super Tenere XT1200Z. The new company worked around the clock developing and prototyping products for the new adventure bike, and finally has crash bars, skid plates, luggage racks and more in stock and for sale.

When the Seattle company learned the new adventure bike would be made available in America, they contacted their distributor, AdventureMoto, to see if there was any way to get a bike to the States. A lot of pulled strings later, the team was uncrating the motorcycle to begin product development.

Two months was the carnet-imposed limit the bike could stay in Seattle. After evaluating the mounting locations and impact points, the engineering and design process moved quickly. AltRider President, Jeremy LeBreton, also made a point of releasing videos on YouTube with riding impressions gleaned after 1200 km on the Tenere, and answered questions about the bike on forums and elsewhere. AltRider found the market was hungry for impressions of riding, as the model was only available in the US via pre-sale.

When the Tenere finally shipped back to Australia, it was decked out in AltRider parts – a good thing, too, since its first adventure after arrival was the grueling Tenere Tragics Ride that punctured several sumps and injured a few riders. Yamaha sponsored the week-long dual sport ride that tested both bikes and riders to their very limit through Australia’s rugged terrain.

The Super Tenere clad in AltRider, however, proved to be nearly indestructible in the Outback.

The AltRider skid plate, made of 3.175 mm (1/8 inch) thick powder coated aluminum, mounted with sturdy and strategically placed bracketry to provide substantial coverage to the sump, stator, and headers on the right. The one inch stainless steel tube crash bars mounted directly into the frame and featured a hidden billet connector – meaning that, in case of a fall, impact energy would be distributed throughout the crash bar system and wouldn’t overwhelm any one mount point.

The AltRider Luggage Rack for the Yamaha Super Tenere was another piece that was admired by riders on the trip. It replaces the OEM plastic bracket with a completely redesigned 4.75 mm (3/16 inch) thick aluminum bracket. The rack itself can be run in a low or standard position with the same hardware, offers a wide variety of attachment points, and interfaces with the Rotopax Fuel Packs and Givi Monokey top case systems. Another popular feature was the small cubby under the rack – perfect for storing tools or other items – that was the result of an ingenious creative design solution. Other AltRider parts for the Super Tenere include the exhaust heat shield, the rear brake master cylinder guard, the universal joint guard (a must–have: riders’ pant legs can get caught very easily in the stock version), the side stand switch guard, and the side stand foot. All of them were clearly designed by a team that had ridden the Super Tenere and was working to enhance an already exciting machine.

AltRider products for the Yamaha Super Tenere XT1200Z have been tested in the demanding terrain of the Pacific Northwest, as well as in the rugged outback of Australia. If you plan to outfit your Super Tenere to withstand whatever you can dish out, head to and check out the parts that are now available.

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• Tenere Tragics Ride
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Ridden in the first annual Tenere Tragics Run, AdventureMoto’s Yamaha Super Tenere didn’t experience any of the trouble other bikes had, thanks to the installed AltRider parts.
AltRider crash bars for the Super Tenere are made of one inch stainless steel, and feature a hidden billet connector that transfers impact energy from one side of the crash bar system to the other so no mount point is overwhelmed.
When there isn’t a gas station or a repair shop for miles, the importance of sump protection becomes even clearer. Unlike the three sumps damaged on the Tenere Tragics Run, the Tenere outfitted with the AltRider skid plate held up well.
With its stout bracketry, the AltRider skid plate provides plenty of coverage and excellent protection to the sump, stator, and headers.
AltRider crash bars are engineered and manufactured in the United States, and offer a precise fit.
The AltRider Heat Exhaust Shield keeps the rider’s boot and pant leg from overheating upon contact with the header.
Keeping your bike starting and stopping when you want is the AltRider Side Stand Switch Guard.
The Super Tenere’s exposed brake line is a high-wear point, but it can be easily protected with AltRider’s Rear Brake Master Cylinder Guard.
AltRider’s Luggage Rack for the Super Tenere replaces the OEM plastic bracket with a strong, 4.75 mm (3/16 inch) aluminum replacement, and can be run in a low or high configuration.
Because the OEM rubber boot that covers the universal joint is attached only by friction and could easily become dislodged, the AltRider Universal Joint Guard offers significant coverage and protects from debris.