AltRider Crash Bars for the Honda Africa Twin

New system offers three levels of protection for Big Red's new ADV.

Big adventure bikes inevitably go down at some point, so proper crash protection is critical. That's why AltRider, maker of premium adventure motorcycle accessories, is now offering a Crash Bar system for Honda's 2016-2017 Africa Twin that allows riders to venture on, even after a nasty spill.

“A quality crash bar should always offer as much protection as possible and provide multiple points of contact to lesson the load on any one part of your bike,” said AltRider President Jeremy LeBreton. “Our comprehensive system is composed of three parts: the Lower Crash Bar, which will take the hit in a tipover or lowside crash, the upper Crash Bar, which offers full coverage to the vulnerable radiator and expensive plastics, and finally a sturdy Reinforcement Bar to help tie the system together, protect the frame and distribute the load during large impacts.”

The AltRider Crash Bars for the Africa Twin can be tailored for various levels of protection based on a rider’s needs. While the full Crash Bar system is ideal for major off-road adventures, riders looking to avoid a complete “roll-cage” design can choose to mount the Upper or Lower Bars independently. The Upper Bars can also be installed for specific trips while the Lower Bars remain a constant source of protection for less extreme riding.

As the engine cases are the most exposed in all tip-overs, AltRider constructed its compact Lower Bars of 1.25-inch (3.175 cm) diameter steel, which is twice as strong as 1 inch diameter steel while only adding 10 percent of the weight. Completely surrounding the radiator and upper plastics, the Upper Bars are composed of 1-inch (25.4 mm) steel tubes with an industry-leading .083-inch wall thickness. The Reinforcement Bar, which helps minimize damage to the bike’s engine, frame and other vital components, is also comprised of the same 1-inch, extra-thick tubing.

All pieces in the system are made of high-quality stainless steel in the USA. Lower Crash Bars start at $269.97 while Upper Bars start at $361.97. Riders can purchase the Full Crash Bar System for $686.97.

Features Include: • TIG welded American stainless steel tubing • Compatible with both DCT and manual transmission models • Compatible with the OEM center stand and factory belly pan • Three piece system allows for customization and offers maximum protection • Available in black, red, or silver

AltRider's Crash Bars offer the ultimate crash protection for the Africa Twin's engine cases, vulnerable castings, frame, radiator and upper plastic components in an easy-to-install package. AltRider Crash Bars are available at and through authorized AltRider dealers.