Alps Challenge Tour IV

Come ride with us through southern France

Quick, what do you think when you hear "French Riviera"? Monte Carlo's casinos and Formula 1 race? Nice's sun-bathed beaches? The Cannes Film Festival? Yep, there's all that, but the region also boasts great motorcycling. The Alpine riding just inland from all that fun and sun is some of the best in Europe. The food's to die for, too, and there's even darn-good hospitality from the locals. The cote d'Azur, remember, is a long way from Paris.

And that's why we're pumped about this year's Motorcyclist Edelweiss Alps Challenge Tour, to be held in Vence, France, September 1-8. Edelweiss calls this a Touring Center tour, which means we'll run different loops each day from a single--and quite plush--hotel. The tour encompasses eight days total with five days' riding mapped out by Edelweiss's Werner Wachter. We'll visit Grasse and Gourdon, loop over to Cannes and St. Tropez, scoot by Monte Carlo for an afternoon and check out the Grand Canyon du Verdon. It's bound to be Big Fun, especially in September when the weather's typically warm and dry. As usual, a Motorcyclist staffer or two will be on hand and will report on the goings-on in these pages.

Prices range from $3350 to $5200 depending on whether you share a room or go solo and what bike you ride. Choices range from a BMW F650 to a Honda ST1300, with lots of options in between. Get all this and more by clicking or by calling Tri-Community Travel, Edelweiss's U.S. travel agent, at (800) 507-4459.