Akrapovič Exhaust Systems for Yamaha FZ-09, FJ-09, and XSR900

Akrapovič launches a new Racing Line exhaust system designed to improve power and torque while giving Yamaha’s 847cc engine a deeper and sportier sound.

Akrapovič's Racing Line
Akrapovič's Racing Line for late-model Yamaha 847cc triples.©Motorcyclist

The Racing Line is a full exhaust system from Akrapovič designed to increase power output and reduce the motorcycle's weight, and this version for the latest FZ-09, FJ-09, and XSR900 appears to be no exception. The muffler has a new shape and is made from high-grade titanium with the headers beautifully constructed from stainless steel, and the entire system is completed with a hand-crafted carbon-fiber end cap.

Akrapovic system on the Yamaha FZ-09
Racing Line system on the Yamaha FZ-09©Motorcyclist

Akrapovič claims that power is raised from stock by 6.7 hp at 10,050 rpm, with an extra 4.4 lb-ft of torque at 5,300 rpm. The use of lightweight materials has resulted in a significant reduction of 4.4 pounds on the stock Yamaha exhaust, which is 23.8% lighter than the stock system and will improve handling due to the lower weight.

Akrapovic exhaust on the Yamaha FJ-09
Racing Line system on the Yamaha FJ-09©Motorcyclist

Akrapovič sound engineers have tuned the system to give it a deeper and sportier sound, ensuring that the aural feedback from the bike is as good as its visuals.

Akrapovic exhaust on the Yamaha XSR900
Racing Line system on the Yamaha XSR900©Motorcyclist

The new system is EC/ECE type-approved and totally compliant with Euro 4 regulations for both emissions and noise. The complete exhaust system is EC/ECE type-approved, despite the small and compact design of the muffler, with type-approval valid when the mandatory catalytic converter is installed. With no remapping required and easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions, the Racing Line is simple to install. FZ-09, FJ-09 and XSR900 owners can expect to see an MSRP of $1,194 for the Racing Line (Titanium) system. For more information visit akrapovic.com.