Aerostitch Customer Appreciation Offer

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Customer Appreciation Offer
FREE Mystery Grab Bag with EVERY Order!

Value $5 - $30.
Now through October 10th!

**Warm and Natural **
AEROstitch Falstaff Jacket

This fall, and for years to come, enjoy the superior warmth, comfort and durability of a made-in-USA Aerostich waxed cotton Falstaff Jacket -- and receive a luxurious 100% silk scarf free (a $17 value). Natural silk's ultra-smooth slipperiness and drape keep necks comfortable and draft-free beneath a tightly closed collar. No chafing. These two natural materials feel great and wear superbly. Invest in quality. Ride longer. And look cool.
#170 $437.00

Standard Silk Scarf Silk provides maximum comfort across every temperature range The Standard Scarf is medium weight silk of sensuous softness, and measures 15"x72". Learn more...