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My original waxed-cotton Belstaff jacket was purchased during a visit to the Isle of Man some 30 years ago. That garment offered breathable all-weather comfort, and I’ve long wished for an updated version with padding, ventilation and reflective panels. Aerostich’s Falstaff jacket provides exactly that.

I wore the Falstaff through a variety of conditions over the course of a 2000-mile road trip in the American Southeast. Despite my late start in September, I experienced weeks of temperatures in the mid-90s in Virginia. In the heat I had to focus a little to even tell I was wearing a jacket. The feel of the body armor was the clue, and it was a reassuring one. Moisture control is important, as it’s key to comfort. The Falstaff’s waxed-cotton construction breathes well in warm weather, and it’s been updated with several vents to let in the breeze when it gets really hot. Some light rain didn’t bother the heavy fabric, and at one stop I enjoyed watching the droplets bead up and drip off the jacket.

Later, in the mountains of North Carolina, I found myself riding in spin-off moisture from a tropical storm, which provided a good test of the Falstaff’s comfort in cool, wet weather. It worked well until the mercury plummeted to 42 degrees. Adding a wool thermal layer improved things, and with the heavy fabric of the jacket blocking wind and water, I remained dry for the remainder of the trip. This included a few more wet passes in the mid-40s and a few high-speed runs on the interstate in Tennessee.

The Aerostich Falstaff jacket is available in men’s sizes Small to XXL, in black or brown, for $437. It’s the only acceptable substitute for a real-deal Belstaff.

**Aerostich Falstaff Jacket **

PRICE: $437 CONTACT: Aerostich,
Verdict: 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Just like a Belstaff, only better. Much better.