5 Questions With... Massimo Bordi

MV Agusta’s new Vice President discusses life after Castiglioni

Q: How did Claudio Castiglioni lure you back to the motorcycle industry, after a successful second career manufacturing agricultural equipment?
A: When Claudio asked me a year ago to help turn MV Agusta around, I told him not to do it—take the Harley money and run! He already knew his days were numbered. He said, "Massimo, I have to make sure MV survives and the magnificent F3 sees production. Please help me to do that." When Claudio asks you to do something, with his incredible passion, it is—it was—impossible to resist.

Q: Can MV Agusta thrive without Castiglioni?
A: Claudio left a company with all debts paid, money in the bank and a superlative lineup of new products. MV Agusta will thrive without Claudio by following his strategies and producing his motorcycles. He leaves behind a stupendous legacy.

Q: Where does the company stand today?
A: We started the new model year with zero inventory and all new models: the F4RR, the Brutale and the F3 ready to be launched at the end of the year.

Q: Where will MV Agusta be in two years?
A: We're targeting manufacture of 10,000 bikes in 2013. We expect to produce 4000 four-cylinder models; the rest will be three-cylinder. We hope to reach 20,000 units by 2016 as F3 production expands, but four-cylinder annual production will remain at roughly 4000 units.

Q: Racing was always important to Castiglioni. Will MV Agusta return to racing?
A: We will enter Superbike as soon as possible. MV Agusta must be there, fulfilling our sporting heritage and demonstrating the value of our products. Our customers demand it!