2017 Zero eBike First Look Review From EICMA

Zero Electric Motorcycles get battery updates improving power and mileage

Zero motorcycle family
Zero’s 2017 lineup gets as much as 19% more torque, 11% more power, and a 200 mile range.Photo by Zero

E-bike fans can count this as another win! Zero just announced that their new lineup of 2017 electric motorcycles will be getting as much as 19% increase in torque, and up to 11% more power. Additionally, Zero will release the first electric motorcycle claimed to exceed a 200 mile range per charge. The increase in torque, power, and range are in part due to improvements to Zero's proprietary Z-Force powertrain, including use of interior permanent magnet (IPM) motors.

2017 Zero DS
The new 2017 Zero DS features a smaller, lighter battery, keeping the weight of this dual sport 95 pounds lighter than previous gen bikes.Photo by Zero

Zero’s new ZF6.5 street bike and DS ZF6.5 dual sport will feature a new, smaller, lighter battery, helping these two models shed 95 pounds from the previous generation. Zero also announced an optional Power Tank accessory that extends range for the Zero S and Zero SR ZF13.0 to more than 100 miles of freeway riding, and potentially 200 miles of urban in town riding. If these figures prove true in the real world, Zero will have the longest mileage range of any production electric motorcycle. Additionally, a new five-year, unlimited mileage warranty will be available for the 2017 models.

2017 Zero FXS.
2017 Zero FXS.Photo by Zero

Aside from tech and performance advancements, the Zero S, Zero SR, Zero DS, and Zero DSR get a facelift with new paint finishes. This replaces the previous gen’s molded-in color options. Another new feature to look forward to is a new weather-resistant storage compartment in the “tank” area of the bike. Also, if you’re familiar with Zero’s smartphone app, there’s a new feature that allows owners to update their Zero’s firmware, and customize settings to create their own performance character.

2017 Zero FX.
2017 Zero FX.Photo by Zero

Prices of the new 2017 Zeros range from $8,495 to $15,995, before the 10% tax credit for US buyers. California offers an additional $900 rebate. The Charge Tank option costs an additional $1,990, and gets its own 30% federal tax credit. The higher mileage ZF3.3 Power Tank will be priced at $2,695. The new 2017 Zeros will be available in November 2016.

Zero S compartment
The 2017 Zero S features a weather resistant compartment in the "tank" area.Photo by Zero