After two rained-out practice sessions and early rain on Tuesday at the 2017 IOMTT, Michael Dunlop, Guy Martin, James Hillier and others were ready to get their week started. Although there were still a few wet spots on the 37.73-mile course, lap speeds in excess of 140 mph were achieved. It was a clean night with no accidents and is a perfect set up for a great fortnight of racing.


Danny Mattison takes off on his BMW S1000RR.Photo: Paul Phillips
Two Penz13 riders come through together on their 2nd lap, Danny Web of the UK and Alessandro Polita of Italy.Photo: Paul Phillips
Dean Harrison hit 119 and change in his first session.Photo: Paul Phillips
Gary Johnson riding his Suzuki was also hitting 120 mph.Photo: Paul Phillips
Guy Martin came through the grandstand area at 140 plus on his second lap.Photo: Paul Phillips
The roar of the engines and the blur makes it hard to identify each rider.Photo: Paul Phillips
Guy Martin and his 1,000-yard stare.Photo: Paul Phillips
James Hillier comes through on his second lap.Photo: Paul Phillips
Aussie Joe Akroyd did a wheelie most of the way past the grandstand.Photo: Paul Phillips
Mark Purslow gets some last minute advice before he begins his 2017 TT.Photo: Paul Phillips
Michael Dunlop, as expected turned in a fast time at just over 121 mph.Photo: Paul Phillips
Peter Hickman was able to get in one final lap on a previously untested BMW S1000RRPhoto: Paul Phillips
Hickman looking on as his mechanics make final preparations to his BMW.Photo: Paul Phillips
With two practice sessions rained out there was a nervous energy in the pits.Photo: Paul Phillips
The #5 sidecar with Tim Reeves and first-time TT passenger Mark Wilkes head out on the start.Photo: Paul Phillips
Roy Tansley and passenger Darren Prentis in their Triumph-powered #38 sidecar.Photo: Paul Phillips
As the evening winds down the sidecars go out for another two laps. Steve and Matty Ramsden on the Honda-powered machine.Photo: Paul Phillips