The Birchall brothers sidecar at IOMTT
The Birchall brothers were first on the course but were forced to retired prior to completing a lap.Photo: Paul Phillips
Bruce Anstey on his electric Mugen
Putting away the Superbike, Bruce Anstey takes a lap on his electric Mugen for the TT Zero Practice.Photo: Paul Phillips

So far for the 2017 Isle of Man TT, the weather has been the big story. The TT has had its slowest start in years with riders only being able to get in a few laps on Monday and in the rain-shorten Wednesday session.

Gary Thompson the Clerk of Course has made significant changes to the schedule through Tuesday June 6, with further changes possible. Thursday evening Gary commented that although the 2016 weather was exceptionally good, 1,500 fewer laps have been ridden so far in 2017. Riders generally need a minimum of 5 or 6 practice laps to be ready to race, with typically 3 laps for the sidecars.

Bruce Anstey, IOMTT 2017, Honda Superbike
Bruce Anstey had the second fastest lap of the night at 129.212 on his Honda Superbike.Photo: Paul Phillips
Conor Cummins on his Honda 1000
Conor Cummins on his Honda 1000.Photo: Paul Phillips
Daniel Haggerty, IOMTT
Daniel Haggerty on his Honda 1000.Photo: Paul Phillips
David Sellers at IOMTT
David Sellers at Braddan Bridge.Photo: Paul Phillips

Saturday has been rescheduled from having both race and practice sessions to being fully dedicated to practice with all classes about to get out for at least one session.

Sunday typically an off day will have the Superbike race at 2:00 followed by sidecar and TT Zero (electric) practice. In addition, both Monday and Tuesday have both racing and practice schedule.

Dean Harrison at IOMTT
Dean Harrison on his Sarolea electric.Photo: Paul Phillips
Guy Martin at Braddan Bridge
Guy Martin on his Honda Superbike rides through the Braddan Bridge section of the course.Photo: Paul Phillips
Hutchy, IOMTT
Ian Hutchinson was the first out for the evening on his BMW but stopped prior to completing a lap.Photo: Paul Phillips

Hutchinson was first to leave the line at 6.23pm alongside Peter Hickman on the Smiths Racing Superstock BMW. Gary Johnson and James Hillier, Steve Mercer and Lee Johnston and Dan Kneen and Michael Dunlop quickly followed the opening pair down Glencrutchery Road.

Sidecar teams were also able to get in a few practice laps.

Some of the TT Zero machines opted for an early look at the track at the end of the evening and the Mugen pair of Anstey (109.520) and Martin (108.413) were the quickest.

James Hillier on his superstock Kawasaki
James Hillier pulls in for a quick stop to make an adjustment on his superstock Kawasaki.Photo: Paul Phillips
Mark Goodings on his Kawasaki 600
Mark Goodings accelerates and lifts off on his Kawasaki 600.Photo: Paul Phillips
Michael Dunlop on his Suzuki
Michael Dunlop on his Suzuki had a 128.5 mph lap.Photo: Paul Phillips
Michael Rutter on his lightweight Paton
Michael Rutter gets close to the crowd on his lightweight Paton.Photo: Paul Phillips
Honda sidecar at IOMTT
Tim Revees and Mark Wilke lean into the turn in their Honda powered sidecar.Photo: Paul Phillips
Isle of Man TT day 3
Great view for the crowd as the riders scream by.Photo: Paul Phillips
Sidecars at 2017 IOMTT
Wayne Lockey leads John Holden through a turn.Photo: Paul Phillips