Wednesday morning on the Isle of Man began with crystal clear skies, but by noon Gary Thompson the Clerk of Course was already developing contingency plans for the forecast evening weather.


As the clouds lowered over the mountain portion of the course the decision was made to proceed with the practice with the possibility of red flagging the riders at the Ramsey Hairpin and then riding in as a group. The initial riders were able to complete a full lap with Ian Hutchinson on his TYCO BMW turning in the top time of the week at 128.98 mph with Michael Dunlop on his Bennetts Suzuki at 127.23 mph.

In less than a minute after screaming down Bray Hill there is a hard right turn at Quarter Bridge, turning west to Braden Bridge and Ballagarey.

Steve Mercer at IOMTT
Steve Mercer (17) and Ian Hutchinson (4) lead off the evening in tight formation as the take the first turn at Quarter Bridge.Photo: Paul Phillips
Conor Cummings at 2017 IOMTT
Conor Cummings rides his Paggetts Motorsports Honda 1000 into the Quarter Bridge turn.Photo: Paul Phillips
Dan Kneen at IOMTT
Dan Kneen on his Penz13 BMW once again topped the Supersport class at 125.19 mph.Photo: Paul Phillips
Dean Harrison IOMTT 2017
Dean Harrison leans his Kawasaki into the turn.Photo: Paul Phillips

Michael Rutter and Martin Jessopp set almost identical lap times at 123.96 and 123.94 respectively, having set off together whilst James Hillier was slightly quicker at 124.52 mph.

Bruce Anstey completed his first lap of the week on the Honda RC211V, lapping at 124.14mph, with Conor Cummins and Gary Johnson also above the 124mph mark. However, the third quickest lap of the night came from Dan Kneen on his DTR powered by Penz 13 BMW, who posted a speed of 125.19, which saw him again top the Superstock class as he had the previous evening.

Unfortunately on the second lap the weather closed in and most riders were red flagged and led in at a controlled speed.

Guy Martin on Day 2 at IOMTT
Guy Martin on his number 8 Honda lead Aussie David Johnson on his silver Norton 1000.Photo: Paul Phillips
Hutchy at IOMTT
Ian Hutchinson has a smooth clean turn on the way to the fastest lap of the day at 128.98 mph.Photo: Paul Phillips
James Hillier at IOMTT
James Hillier on his JG Speedfit Kawasaki.Photo: Paul Phillips
Josh Brookes
Teammate of David Johnson, another Aussie Josh Brookes also on a Norton 1000.Photo: Paul Phillips
Raul Torras Martínez of Spain at IOMTT
Raul Torras Martínez of Spain is losing oil from his Yamaha 1000 less than a mile into practice session number 2. After a quick course closure, the marshals did a quick check for oil on the course and reopened the track.Photo: Paul Phillips
Michael Dokoupil as Spider-Man at IOMTT 2017
Michael Dokoupil has the best race kit of the day as Spider-Man!Photo: Paul Phillips
Michael Dunlop on day 2 at IOMTT 2017
Michael Dunlop leads Gary Johnson through the first turn, both on Suzuki 1000sPhoto: Paul Phillips
Michael Rutter
Michael Rutter on his BMW 100 turned in a great practice time in tough conditions at 123.98 mph.Photo: Paul Phillips
Peter Hickman at Isle of Man TT 2017
Peter Hickman on his Smiths Racing BMW 1000.Photo: Paul Phillips