2017 Ducati Multistrada 950 First Look From EICMA 2016

A new, smaller Multistrada with the Hypermotard engine.

EICMA 2016 First Look at the new Ducati Multistrada 950 ADV
Ducati’s new Multistrada 950. Note the smaller exhaust hidden behind the optional saddlebags, and the more standard, double-sided swingarm.Photo: Ducati

One of the first surprises from EICMA 2016 was from Ducati, which announced a smaller version of its successful, liquid-cooled Multistrada platform, dubbed the Multistrada 950. It uses the 937cc engine from Ducati's Hypermotard 939, combined with the typical Multistrada look, now with a standard, two-sided swingarm accenting the steel-trellis frame.

2017 Ducati Multi 950
Ducati’s Multistrada 950, shown here in white, which will add $200 to the MSRP when the 950 hits dealers in early 2017.Photo: Ducati

Other notable changes for the Multi 950 are six-spoke cast wheels, a little different from the big Multi’s three-spoke cast hoops, and the old, two-color LCD display in the cockpit as opposed to the 1200’s full-color TFT unit. The windscreen is still adjustable, though, and the 950 offers the same 5.3-gallons of fuel capacity. A standard seat height of 33 inches is actually a little taller than the 32.5-inch “low” setting on the Multistrada 1200, but Ducati says the Multi 950 weighs a little less than its big brother. A 170-section rear tire is narrower than the 1200’s 190.

2017 Ducati Multistrada 950 dash
The new Multistrada 950 uses Ducati’s older, two-color LCD display for the cockpit instead of the fancy, full-color, TFT unit from the big bike. Also, note the “pinch-and-slide” windscreen adjustment: one of the best in the business.Photo: Ducati

Electronically, there’s no inertial measurement unit to calculate pitch, roll, and yaw on the Multi 950, but it is equipped with up-to-date Bosch ABS with three levels of adjustment. There are also eight levels of traction control to choose from, as well as four ride modes (Urban, Enduro, Touring, and Sport). So, no IMU but still plenty of do-dads to keep the rubber side down. Low maintenance is a priority, too, with service checks every 9,000 miles (or 12 months) and valve clearance inspection every 18,000 miles.

New Ducati Multistrada 950 wheels
The silver wheels are a dead giveaway that this is Ducati’s new Multistrada 950. Otherwise, it looks very much like the big 1200.Photo: Ducati

The new single-exit exhaust is definitely smaller than the big bike. Also of note, the Sachs shock is paired with a KYB fork (instead of Sachs for the 1200 S’s Skyhook technology), though it’s fully adjustable and the same 6.7-inches of travel are available. There are still plenty of creature comforts, too, with four accessory packs to choose from: The Urban Pack (top case, tank bag, and USB hub), Enduro Pack (auxiliary LED lights, Touratech bits, crash protection, and off-road footpegs), Touring Pack (saddlebags and a center stand), and Sport Pack (EU-legal Termignoni exhaust and billet aluminum parts) are all available for the Multi 950.

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Pricing for the Multistrada 950 starts at $13,995 in red and $14,195 in white, with dealer availability starting in January of 2017.