2017 Alpinestars Race and Track Gear

New collection includes high tech features and wild color combos.

2017 Alpinestars race and track gear
2017 Alpinestars race and track gearPhoto composite by Julia LaPalme

The name Alpinestars is synonymous with high quality protective riding apparel , and has been known for this since the 1970's (after a short stint making hiking boots in the '60s). Their new lineup of gear for 2017 was recently released, and included a preview of all sorts of new mouth-watering tech and style. Here we take a look at the new racing/performance riding ensemble, including a one piece leather suit, two pairs of gloves, and new boots. Check it out!

Alpinestars GP Plus Leather Suit
The GP Plus Leather Suit, seen here in the unmistakable Black/White/Red/Yellow Fluo color combo. Buy It NowPhoto by Alpinestars

The GP Plus Leather Suit
The GP Plus Leather Suit is a brand new cut and design, with all kinds of sexy tech. Considered 2 steps down from the highest end suit (á la Moto GP), the GP Plus is made with 1.3mm leather, providing a good thick layer between your bod and the asphalt. In conjunction with that heavy duty cowhide is a full ensemble of CE certified Alpinestars GP protectors, giving impact protection at the shoulders, elbow, and knees. In addition to your standard removable knee pucks, Alpinestars integrated extra dual density TPU sliders made with their Dynamic Friction Shield at the shoulders and knees. Dragging knee is one thing, but it's likely if you're dragging shoulder you're either a total badass or in real trouble.

In the comfort and fit category, the GP Plus accommodates flexion and extension with accordion stitched leather panels around the upper knee and upper elbow. Stretch panels at the back of the knees, inner arm, and groin area increase comfort with more compressible fabric that doesn’t bunch up like leather would during a full race tuck. Overall the suit offers a more tailored race cut, especially in the lower back and upper thighs, which will reduce that extra material onesie sag when off the bike. (Don't lie. You know what we're talking about.) Plus the arms and legs are pre-curved for that aggressive riding position on the bike. And if you’re a CrossFit or cycling junkie with calves like boulders, the GP Plus offers adjustable calf gussets to give a little extra room for your bulging gastrocnemii.

Speaking of bulges, the GP Plus gives a nicely sized speed hump at the upper back, accommodating extra airflow and high speed performance. Inside the suit, integrated padding provides extra protection and comfort. And if you’re not already rocking beefy pecs (or sizeable moobs), the GP Plus has a chest pad compartment with PE padding, which can be upgraded to Alpinestars Nucleon chest pads for an additional cost. The collar is lined with 3D textured fabric, and the entire suit comes with a removable mesh liner, so you can wash out that racer funk without having to shower in your leathers. Adding an accessory Nucleon Back Protector is easy with the installed snap button system.

The new GP Plus Leather Suit's asymmetrical design, as well as the new Red Fluo color were previously reserved for the GP paddocks only, but are now available to us mere mortals. Available in three color schemes: Black/White/Red; Black/White/Yellow Fluo; and the I-can’t-choose-a-color-so-I’ll-have-ALL-the-colors Black/White/Red/Yellow Fluo. The suit retails for $1199.95, which is a decent price considering all the tech included in this design. It’s available now, so quick, go get yours before they run out!

Alpinestars GP Pro R2 Leather Glove
The GP Pro R2 Leather Glove, seen here in Black/White/Yellow/Red.Photo by Alpinestars

The GP Pro R2 Leather Glove
To accompany the new GP Plus Leather Suit, Alpinestars is also releasing new gloves in their racing and performance riding category. The GP Pro R2 Leather Glove is only one step down from the top tier glove Alpinestars sells. The main chassis of these gloves is made from cowhide, along with panels of goat leather for suppleness and kangaroo leather for resilience and added protection. The palm area uses an ergonomic stretch insert to minimize bunching of material while gripping the throttle. The GP Pro R2 also features new a dual density knuckle and a smaller sleeker TPU cuff puck. Available in Black, Black White and Red, Black and White, Black White and Yellow, and Black White Red and Yellow. Priced at $279.95. Get it now in Black or Black White and Yellow at these respective links or visit alpinestars.com.

Alpinestars GP Plus R Leather Glove
The GP Plus R Leather Glove, seen here in Black/White/Yellow/Red. Buy It NowPhoto by Alpinestars

The GP Plus R Leather Glove
This racing and performance riding glove replaces the GP Plus previously offered by Alpinestars. The main construction of the glove is full-grain cowhide and goat leather. Both the palm and back of the hand are perforated, and there are air intakes and exhaust ports in the knuckles. Speaking of the knuckles, these are made of Alpinestars' Dynamic Friction Shield which is a dual density mould construction, providing extra impact protection. There is an extra layer of engineered leather along the palm and outer hand, as well as an injected TPU palm and finger slider for added protection in high impact areas, so you won't suffer road rash on your mitts if you crash (fingers crossed). The palm has an ergonomic stretch insert, and the fingers are pre curved for increased comfort. The fourth and fifth fingers are connected with a leather bridge, keeping those digits in tact (no crossed fingers this time!) Dupont Kevlar fiber lines the thumb and pinky finger, as well as the internal of the palm. There are five color choices to coordinate with your gear as you see fit: Black, Black/White/Red, Black/White, Black/White/Yellow, and Black/White/Yellow/Red. Available now for $199.95.

Alpinestars SMX Plus Boot
The SMX Plus Boot, seen here in Black/White/Yellow Fluo. Buy It NowPhoto by Alpinestars

The SMX Plus Boot
To round out your track- and raceday gear, Alpinestars has come out with their SMX Plus Boot for 2017. Constructed of microfiber, leather, and polymer, this boot is high tech and well suited to protect your foot in high speed situations. The upper portion of the boot is made of microfiber, with a contoured synthetic compound. The inner boot liner offers a quick lacing design to help you get just the right fit. Perforations on the SMX are larger than the Supertech boot, providing more ventilation without sacrificing the structural integrity and safety of the accordion leather areas. An updated aluminum and polymer toe slider gives increased feel, while remaining light weight and abrasion resistant; plus, since it's screwed into the boot, the toe slider is replaceable. The entire boot is CE-certified. Available in Black, Vented Black, Vented Black/Red/White, Vented Black/White, and Vented Black/White/Yellow Fluo, the SMX Plus Boot goes for $369.95.