Join Us for the Ultimate (Uber!) ADV Tour

Motorcyclist and Edelweiss team up for an awesome European tour aboard the latest, incredibly capable adventure tourers.

Here's your opportunity to ride BMW's astonishing S1000XR, Ducati's totally revised and technically groundbreaking Multistrada 1200 with DVT, and KTM's brutally fast and incredibly capable 1290 Super Adventure. Three amazing "uber-ADVs" put to the test on some of Europe's finest, most technical roads.

2015 Ducati Multistrada 1200 DVT

Join the Motorcyclist team in the ultimate European test ride. Switch among the bikes each day, just as the journalists do, to learn each one's strengths. Be a part of a complete magazine feature story and video. Share your thoughts and experience with the Motorcyclist crew, headed by Associate Editor Zack Courts and Bonnier Motorcycle Group Video Producer Spenser Robert.

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The Playground

We will need the passes and country roads of three picturesque countries to collect our impressions of these fascinating motorcycles. Sometimes the beauty of the scenery will distract you from evaluating handling, power delivery and steering precision. Some of the locations served as film sets for famous movies after all. Starting in Salzburg where they shot Sound of Music we head south across Wurzenpass into Slovenia passing the cave of Postojna.

From here along our way down toward the Croatian national park Prijeboj with its stunning lakes and waterfalls, a whole series of so called ‘Karl May’ films were produced in the sixties, dealing about a very German idea of the Wild West. The films share the beauty of their locations, their fame in their ‘home’countries but also the fact to be almost entirely unknown in the areas where the story allegedly happened. Well, we can enjoy the inland and coastal roads, the landscape and the Italian style towns of the region of Istria, part of Italy before WWII after which most Italians left, among them Mario and Aldo Andretti.

2015 KTM 1290 Super Adventure

The Tour

This year’s tour will cover three countries over 9 days, averaging 7 to 9 hours of riding each day.

DAY 1: Arrival in Salzburg

DAY 2: Salzburg - Villach

DAY 3: Villach - Opatija

DAY 4: Opatija (loop around Istria)

DAY 5: Opatija - Otocac

DAY 6: Otocac - Ljubljana

DAY 7: Ljubljana - Admont

DAY 8: Admont - Salzburg

DAY 9: Departure from Salzburg

Edelweiss Travel handles all the logistics for the tour, including pickup at the airport and return at the end of the trip; all hotels and meals (alcoholic beverages are available but not included in the price of the tour); and, especially nice, the transport of your gear from departure hotel to the arrival location every day of the tour.

Your job: Ride, test, have an adventure of a lifetime.

Prices start at $3,990, which includes a shared room and motorcycle rental.

Hurry, only eight seats are available on this very limited, once-a-year tour.

2015 BMW S1000XR
2015 Ducati Multistrada 1200 DVT
2015 KTM 1290 Super Adventure
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