2012 Motorcycle of the Year | Best New Product

Vemar Eclipse Night Vision Helmet
Glow in the Dark!

A quality helmet is your most important piece of protective apparel, and a good one should fit well and provide all the desired conveniences. The Vemar Eclipse Night Vision helmet cradles your head in plush, anti-microbial padding and boasts an effective anti-fog faceshield, great venting and minimal wind noise. It’s even got fabric mesh in the vents to keep errant insects out of your hair. But that’s just the start: During the day, the Eclipse’s off-white shell is fairly inconspicuous, but at night it’s like a beacon in the dark, alerting motorists to your presence with a creepy, green glow that makes your head look like ball lighting as you roll down the street. The light emitted by fuorescent office fixtures will keep the lid “charged” for a few hours, adding an extra degree of safety to your after-dark commute. In our experience, most “glow-in-the dark” products don’t glow for long, but our Night Vision lids are still going strong several months in—and Vemar claims the phosphorescent pigment will outlast the helmet itself.

Alternative Take

Aerostich Roadcrafter Lite Suit
The Roadcrafter is one of the most functional riding suits available—for decades, every Motorcyclist stafer has owned one—and the new Roadcrafter Lite ofers even more convenience and comfortable than the original. New waterproof zippers, a snap-down collar and lighter, more fexible fabric make this the ultimate commuting outft.