2012 Motorcycle of the Year | Best Cruiser

Harley-Davidson Switchback
Part-Time Bagger

When it comes to practical transport, baggers are hard to beat—which is why hard-bagged FL models are consistently Harley-Davidson’s best sellers. But sometimes you just want the clean, classic cruiser look, without any complications.. That’s why we love the new Switchback so much. With a removable windshield and saddlebags that can be stripped off in less than 30 seconds without tools, you don’t have to choose between boulevard cruiser and mile-eating tourer. And because it’s based on the smaller, lighter Dyna chassis, the Switchback is also more fun to hustle through a set of switchbacks than any full-time bagger. The 718-lb. Switchback weighs fully 100 lbs. less than a Road King, yet offers the same comfort and is powered by the same 103-cubic-inch Twin Cam engine putting down 94 lb.-ft. of torque. Acceleration is very satisfying! The Switchback looks great, too, with a cool ’60s vibe enhanced by fve-spoke mag wheels that look like they came off a classic musclecar.

Alternative Take

Victory Judge
Here comes the Judge! Victory also cribbed inspiration from American musclecars when creating its latest cruiser, the decidedly performance-oriented Judge. Sixteen-inch wheels shod with sporty Dunlop Elite II rubber, mid-mounted foot controls and a torquey, 106-cubic-inch V-twin engine deliver a healthy dose of American performance. Just don't call it a Sport Cruiser!