2012 Hyosung GT Review


South Korean manufacturer Hyosung Corp. – via its S&T; Motors imprint – didn’t tinker much with the 2012 Hyosung GT. Apart from a few updates for keeping the bike up with the times, the GT virtually remains the same efficient and versatile bike it has always been.

The 2012 Hyosung GT is split into four models: the GT 250 and GT 250R, which belong to the GT 250 Series; and the GT 650 and GT 650R, which comprise the GT 650 Series. The GT 250 and GT 650 are designed as entry-level standard bikes. Their ""R""-designated counterparts, on the other hand, are more sports-tuned, marketed towards performance-oriented riders. The MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) of the 2012 Hyosung GT are as follows: $3,799 for the GT 250, $4,099 for the GT 250R, $5,599 for the GT 650, and $6,299 for the GT 650R.

The 2012 Hyosung GT sports the redesigned body that it received in the 2010 model year. Also, the engine on the bike uses fuel injection from Mikuni – gone are the carburetors from the Japanese manufacturing company.

The models of the 2012 Hyosung GT are named after their respective engine displacements: 249 cubic centimeters, or cc (rounded up to 250) on the GT 250 Series; and 647 cc (rounded up to 650) on the GT 650 Series. The engine itself is a four-stroke V-twin, or two-cylinder, unit. Also, the engine has eight intake valves, with four on each cylinder. The one on the GT 250 models is air- and oil-cooled, while the one on the GT 650 models comes with a liquid cooler.

The GT 250-Series engine, paired with a five-speed manual transmission, generates 27 horsepower at 10,000 revolutions per minutes (RPM) and 15.5 pound-feet (lb-ft) at 6,750 RPM. The one on the GT 650 Series is more powerful: with 72.68 horsepower at 9,000 RPM and 44.89 lb-ft of torque at 7,250 RPM. Also, it is mated to a six-speed manual gearbox. For fuel, each 2102 Hyosung GT bike comes with a 4.5-gallon (17-liter) gas tank. However, the GT 250 models provide a greater fuel economy than the GT 650 variants: at 78 miles per gallon (mpg), compared to the latter's 67 mpg.

The Hyosung GT relies on an all-wheel disc brake system for great stopping power. Standard digital instrumentation consists of a speedometer, tachometer, trip odometer, and temperature and fuel level warning indicators. A clock is added on the ""R"" models, and on the regular GT 250 and GT 560 models, the fuel level warning indicator is a light instead of a gauge. Also added on the ""R"" variants is a tinted windshield for keeping off wind and debris. A halogen headlight and a pair of side mirrors are included on each 2012 Hyosung GT for enhanced visibility.

New For 2012

  • N/A

2012 Hyosung GT Specs

  • Model: Standard (2012 Hyosung GT 250 and GT 650); Sport (2012 Hyosung GT 250R and GT 650R)
  • Engine Type: 249cc four-stroke air / oil-cooled V-twin (Hyosung GT 250 Series); 647cc four-stroke liquid-cooled V-twin (Hyosung GT 650 Series)
  • Bore and Stroke (millimeters/inches): 57 / 2.25 x 48.8 / 1.92 (Hyosung GT 250 Series); 81.5 / 3.21 x 62 / 2.44 (Hyosung GT 650 Series)
  • Compression ratio: 10.2:1 (Hyosung GT 250 Series); 11.5:1 (Hyosung GT 650 Series)
  • Valve Train: Double overhead camshaft (DOHC), four valves per cylinder
  • Induction: Mikuni fuel injection
  • Ignition: Electric
  • Transmission: Five-speed (Hyosung GT 250 Series) / six-speed (Hyosung GT 650 Series) manual
  • Final Drive: Chain
  • Fuel Capacity (gallons/liters): 4.5 / 17
  • Estimated Fuel Economy (miles per gallon): 78 (Hyosung GT 250 Series); 67 (Hyosung GT 650 Series)
  • Brakes (Front): 11.8-inch / 300-millimeter dual disc
  • Brakes (Rear): 9.1-inch / 230-millimeter single disc
  • Suspension (Front): 1.6-inch / 41-millimeter inverted fork
  • Suspension (Rear): Twin-sided steel swing arm, with one shock absorber
  • Wheelbase (inches/millimeters): 56.5 / 1435.1
  • Rake: N/A
  • Trail: N/A
  • Seat Height (inches/millimeters): 32.7 / 830.6
  • Dry Weight (lbs./kg): 337 / 152.9 (Hyosung GT 250); 377 / 171 (Hyosung GT 250R); 432 / 196 (Hyosung GT 650); 448 / 203.2 (Hyosung GT 650R)
  • Tires (Front): Tubeless 110/70 R17 54H (Hyosung GT 250 Series) / 120/60 R17 55W (Hyosung GT 650 Series) on aluminum wheel
  • Tires (Rear): 150/70 R17 69H (Hyosung GT 250 Series) / 160/60 ZR17 69W (Hyosung GT 650 Series) on aluminum wheel


  • Radial tires
  • BMC air filter

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