2011 XDL Season Promises to be the Best Ever and Will Take Sport to New Level

**Los Angeles, CA (February 2, 2011) **-- 2011 marks the sixth season in the life of the XDL Championship Series and it promises to be a big one that will grow the sport significantly in the US and in many key global markets. The schedule has been revamped to provide an optimal mix of event formats and event locations. The bulk of the schedule has been "urbanized" so XDL now runs in the middle of urban areas, on the same weekends as Daytona Bike Week, Arizona Bike Week and both the Laguna Seca and Indy MotoGP events. Remarked XDL founder Randy Grube: "We've had three years of experience with Indy now and it is by far our best format. So it made sense to restructure our schedule accordingly. Both Scottsdale and Monterey should be off the hook. The Scottsdale venue is in the middle of the entertainment district of downtown. You can't get any more central than that. And Monterey is Monterey. It is already a big weekend and now we are part of it, in a really good location. What you will start to see more and more is that XDL will distinguish itself as mainstream motorcycle entertainment because we don't take up a lot of room and can perform essentially anywhere. We can take the show to where the people are, not have to make them come out to a race track. I'm really looking forward to 2011."

As part of our bigger mission XDL is taking responsibility for fostering the growth of the sport on all levels. XDL has introduced a new event format called "Freeride Festival" that is designed to be three to four days instead of two, provides more riding opportunities for every level of street freestyle rider, as well as more education on safety, bike preparation and riding. At both Daytona and Nashville, XDL will partner with the nascent AFS series and run an integrated schedule of pro and amateur competitions. And we will incorporate over 10 hours of freeride sessions that allow non-competitors the opportunity to ride in a safe and controlled environment under the supervision of a professional organization. The Freeride Festival format provides a growth structure for all levels of the sport, which will bring in many new participants and grow motorcycling in general.

In addition the Freeride Festival format will integrate more sportbike culture elements such as custom bikes, girls, music, wheelie machines and dynos. "The idea with the Freeride Festival format is to combine the best elements of a lifestyle event, with the best elements of a competition and parking lot riding" stated XDL co-founder Thomas Evans. "We are basically taking everything we know that works and putting it in one place so people can have more fun. Simple."

** 2011 XDL Championship Series Schedule**

Round 1: Daytona Beach, FL - During Daytona Bike Week - @ Daytona International Speedway - March 9 - 12
Round 2: Phoenix, AZ - During AZ Bike Week - @ Downtown Scottsdale - April 1 & 2
Round 3: Nashville, TN - XDL Freeride Festival - @ Nashville Superspeedway - June 10 & 11
Round 4: Monterey, CA - With MotoGP - @ Downtown Monterey - July 22 & 23
Round 5: Indianapolis, IN - With MotoGP - @ Downtown Indianapolis - August 26 & 27

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XDL is the only championship of its kind and is the leader in reaching the core 20-year old sportbike demographic. Each XDL event features the world's most skilled sportbike riders squaring off in seven unique competitions for over $10,000 in prize money. Since its inception in 2006 the series has built a global following in places as far off as India, Indonesia, China, Japan, Australia, France, Thailand and Eastern Europe, and in the process emerged as the fastest growing action sport in America.