2011 Motorcycle of the Year | Best New Technology

BMW Adaptive Headlight
How To See Around Corners

BMW’s safety offerings are the most extensive in the motorcycle industry. The German company already offers anti-lock brakes, traction control, tire-pressure monitoring and brake-wear indicators on its motor- cycles. And now BMW has added yet another feather to its cap with adaptive headlights that literally look around corners.

A carryover from the firm’s luxury sedans and an option on BMW’s new K1600GT and GTL tourers, adaptive headlight technology will change the way you ride at night. While fixed-beam headlamps are just that, the adaptive headlight’s ultra-bright xenon bulb and reflector are servo-controlled and pivot along with the bike’s front wheel to put illumination right where you need it. That means the headlight’s beam shines down the road while rounding a corner instead of off in the bushes or in the eyes of oncoming motorists. On a twisty road in the dark of night, BMW’s adaptive headlight lets you see further and be seen sooner. For motor- cyclists accustomed to literally riding in the dark when riding in the dark, this is a very good thing.

Alternative Take

Continental Traction Skin
Continental's innovative Traction Skin tactile tread surface does away with scrubbing-in tires by treating the tire molds with a Teflon-like anti-stick coating. So not only do the buns pop out residue-free, but they have a rough surface that provides increased traction right away. It's an innovative and effective technology that's sure to be emulated by other tire-makers.