2011 Motomarathon Schedule Takes Shape

_“Can anyone catch him, Master?”

“Like the crouching apex, the Nirvanic twisty, the hidden chicken strip… his holiness, Shawn Pearsall, has achieved karmic oneness in his quest for checkpoint bliss, Grasshopper. He has shown us… the way of the Motomarathon.”

_ With 63 total checkpoints to his credit in 2010, Shawn has emerged as the defending Motomarathon World Champion for the year, and is creeping up quickly in the total lifetime standings. Not bad for a guy who lives well east of the Mississippi – he gets around the country pretty well on two wheels. Shawn has much to teach us of life, setting priorities and long-distance riding strategy. So, the checkpoint-bagging gauntlet has been thrown, and the schedule forms:

New England Motomarathon – June 9-12
Start/Stop in Brookfield/Danbury, CT, reaching for Americade and Laconia, looping out of Shelburne, NH.

Colorado Motomarathon – August 26-29
Start/Stop in Boulder/Denver area with points west TBD.

Northern California Motomarathon – October 13-16
Start/Stop in Ft. Bragg/Mendocino area, additional points TBD.

Please watch www.motomarathon.com for updates.