2010 Women's Riding School a Huge Success

Penguin School and the WRS second year together produces rave reviews

Winchendon, MA (July, 30 2010) - The Women's Riding School (WRS) returned to New Hampshire Motor Speedway last week providing excitement and education for dozens of women. In 2009 WRS partnered with the Penguin School to continue building the program. This year over 50 women participated in the event with a record number attending the prior evening's meet and greet dinner. The WRS was established to provide women motorcycle riders a safe learning environment where they can thrive. The initial feedback from attendees indicates the school clearly accomplished its goal.

"I am extremely pleased with the feedback we are receiving. Students not only had a great time, but were amazed at how much they learned in one day," commented, Judy Mirro, President of the Women's Riding School.

"Thank you soooo much for putting this class on, it was the best day of my life. ...I'm hooked now!!!" - Gina P. (MA) 2010 WRS Graduate

"I had a fabulous time with the WRS. I had NO IDEA how much better a rider I could become in one day. I had an amazing ride back to NYC." - Gina C. (NY) 2010 WRS Graduate

"I'm back in the office and yes, still smiling!! I've been telling all my female colleagues here, who also ride, that they HAVE to do this next year!! I was amazed at how much more confident I was on my bike riding home afterwards! Women's Riding School increased my confidence so much...all in one day!" - Mariann M. (NH) 2010 WRS Graduate

The Penguin School is thrilled to be partnering with the Women's Riding School. The two organizations are also cooperating for the Penguin School's August 16 and 17 Ducati Revs New Jersey track day. WRS president, Judy Mirro, will be a guest instructor focusing on a dedicated group of women riders. Judy is looking forward to seeing many of the riders from the New Hampshire event join her in New Jersey as well as others who could not make the New Hampshire school.

The planning for next year's Women's Riding School has already begun and the official date for 2011 will be announced in December. With the WRS event completed, the Penguin School is looking forward to their remaining 2010 schedule. The schedule includes three more schools at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, one at Homestead Miami Speedway in Florida and a special 2-day Ducati Revs New Jersey event at New Jersey Motor Sports Park on August 16-17.

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2010 Women's Riding School a Huge Success