2010 Indian Motorcycles - War Machines

Two New WWII-Themed Models "For The Boys"

First Look
The old Indian Motorcycles' last big sales boom came immediately after World War II. Returning GIs snapped up Chiefs and Scouts and hit the highways in droves, attempting to recapture a bit of the adrenaline-inducing excitement they experienced fighting in the Pacific Theater or along the Western Front. The new Indian Motorcycles looks back to those glory years now with two new models featuring military-style paint schemes.

The $27,999 Dark Horse is essentially a standard Chief with special matte-finish paint and accessories to give the bike a vintage look. The skirted fenders and tank are available in matte black, red or blue, and the headlight, exhaust, controls, fork and other components are blacked-out to complete the old-school look. The air-cooled, pushrod, 105-cubic-inch Power Plus V-twin, with six-speed overdrive transmission, remains unchanged.

The $30,999 Bomber is a limited-edition Chief with graphics reminiscent of B-17 nose art that will only be available for one year. Two mil-spec base finishes-Military Green and Silver Smoke-are offered, with special graphics featuring one of three pin-up girls: Dark-Haired Debbie, Red-Haired Ruby or Blonde-Haired Betty. In addition to the graphics, each Bomber is fitted with a seat and saddlebags made from distressed leather meant to recall the texture and color of a fighter pilot's well-worn bomber jacket.

2010 Indian
Blackwall tires, on black spoked wheels, anchor the Dark Horse firmly to the ground.