2009 Harley-Davidson Road Glide

Me & My Bike

Name: Max Martini
Age: 40
Home: Los Angeles, CA
Occupation: Actor, fighter and proprietor of Fightertips.com

It's 986 in Vancouver. I'm a young guy hangin' out in a new country. Up from Los Angeles to take advantage of a booming film industry. There was pavement to pound. I was crazy. It was a time when there were no responsibilities. Parties and girls were high priority. My new friend "The Chin" takes me to a party one night. What does this have to do with motorcycles? Wait for it. At that party I met Kim Restell. Hot, hot, hot Canadian chick with a style of her own. Sexy little blood-red velvet pants. Leather boots. Tight little T-shirt. Long blonde hair. Comes riding in on the back of a Norton 850 Commando. Probably a 1975. Black. The epitome of cool. At that moment there were two things that I wanted real bad right in front of me: One was English and the other Canadian. Both answered to the Queen.

The years pass. Kimmy and I stayed in touch. Had some flirty moments. Never got mushy. I failed to find my Commando, but I did start off on a '72 Triumph Bonneville 650. Great bike. Had it in New York City. Got rid of it after my 90-lb. girlfriend at the time flew off the back at 58th and Park. I told her to hold on. Then I lost a muffler riding across the Williamsburg Bridge. It was time. My next bike was a Honda CB750 Supersport, which I loved. That became my California bike until I discovered the Honda 400 Four. I traded-in the 750 and the fun began. For those who love those classic bikes of the '70s, this one was a beauty. As I recall, it redlined somewhere around 10,000 rpm. I left a lot of bewildered motorcyclists in my dust. My late-20s were spent in Italy on different bikes, but it was there that I first rode a Harley-Davidson. The rest is history.

I'm now back in sunny California. There is some amazing riding out here. I've strapped my army-green duffel bag to the back of my custom Deuce many a time and hit the highway running. For my 40th birthday, which is still a ways away, my wife bought me a 2009 Road Glide. Yeah, I've got a couple of great bikes, but I've also got a great wife. Canadian chick. Goes by the name of Kim Restell...Martini.