2007 Schwinn Hope Review


Introduced in 2006, the Hope from United States automaker Schwinn was a bike aimed at customers with an appreciation for economy and cuteness with their rides. The following model year, the 2007 Schwinn Hope, is a simple carryover, with no major or minor changes made. Positioned below other similar Schwinn nameplates like the Sport series, the 2007 Hope has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $1,499.

Each 2007 Schwinn Hope is around 67 inches long, 24.9 inches wide and 41.9 high, with a dry weight of 163.4 lbs. Also, it comes with a 1.5-gallon gas tank. Powering the scooter is a four-stroke single-cylinder engine, with two valves on each cylinder. The engine has a displacement of 49.5 cubic centimeters, which is why the 2007 Hope is sometimes referred to with the three-digit suffix ""50."" (The engine displacement is rounded up.) Accompanying the 2007 Hope engine is an air cooler for cooling its hot parts and preventing malfunction via overheating.

The 2007 Schwinn Hope engine is connected with a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT), which is named after its ability to shift through an unlimited selection of gears for a more efficiently running engine. This results in a great fuel economy. For the 2007 Schwinn Hope, it is measured at 117 miles per gallon; Schwinn recommends using premium fuel for the engine. Also included are a carburetor and electric starter with kick back-up for easy ignition, especially when planning to go out in cold weather.

The 2007 Schwinn Hope is only available in a pink-and-white finish. Drum brakes go on each of the scooter’s 10-inch steel wheels, which are fitted with tubeless tires. The 2007 Hope’s suspension consists of a leading link fork in the front and single-sided swing arm at the back. There is a dashboard at the front of the bike; it consists of an analog speedometer and a fuel level warning gauge. Also at the front are visor-shielded halogen headlamps and side mirrors for lighting and enhanced visibility, respectively; and storage for the driver’s helmet. At the bottom rear is more storage space: below a one-piece vinyl seat big enough for just the driver.

The 2007 Schwinn Hope is an economy-focused bike with none of the sport pretensions of the Sport models. If you are fine with that, the 2007 Hope is a most appropriate purchase.

New For 2007

  • This marks the second model year for the scooter; no changes were made.

2007 Schwinn Hope Specs

  • Model: Scooter
  • Engine Type: 49.5cc 4-stroke air-cooled single cylinder
  • Bore and Stroke (millimeters/inches): N/A
  • Compression ratio: N/A
  • Valve Train: single overhead camshaft (SOHC), two valves per cylinder
  • Induction: Carburetor
  • Ignition: Electric / Kick
  • Transmission: Continuously variable transmission (CVT)
  • Final Drive: Belt
  • Fuel Capacity (gallons/liters): 1.5 / 5.5
  • Brakes (Front): Disc
  • Brakes (Rear): Drum
  • Suspension (Front): Leading link fork
  • Suspension (Rear): Single-sided swing arm
  • Wheelbase (inches/millimeters): N/A
  • Rake: N/A
  • Trail: N/A
  • Seat Height (inches/millimeters): N/A
  • Curb Weight (lbs./kg): 163.4 / 74.1
  • Tires (Front): 3.50 - 10
  • Tires (Rear): 3.50 - 10


  • N/A

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