$11,500.00 Raised For Soft Barriers For AMA Pro Flat Track

Air Fence Fundraiser

Lloyd Brothers Motorsports, Inc. in conjunction with Foremost Insurance Company, AMA Pro Racing, Arai Helmets and Roadracing World Action Fund is proud to announce the donation of $11,500.00 for soft barriers for AMA Pro Flat Track events.

Five hundred and seventy-five tickets of $20 each were sold throughout the racing season at AMA Pro Racing Flat Track events with the culmination of a drawing for prizes of a brand new helmet donated by Arai Helmets and a 2009 Buell Ulysses XB12XP that was used as the official Pace Motorcycle during the 2009 AMA Pro Road Racing season. The Buell, which has less than 210 original miles, was donated by AMA Pro Racing.

Congratulations to Steven Hall of Sturbridge, Mass. for winning the Arai helmet and Eddie Relick of Bloomington, IN for winning the Buell motorcycle.

"The mission of the Roadracing World Action Fund, a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization, is to reduce racetrack injuries by advocating and promoting the use of soft barriers, like Air Fence*. This is a mission that Lloyd Brothers Motorsports, Inc. really believes in and it is a worthwhile cause that we will continue to support. " stated David Lloyd, co-owner of Lloyd Brothers Motorsports, Inc.

"We would like to extend our thanks to Roadracing World Action Fund, Foremost Insurance, AMA Pro Racing, Arai Helmets and especially everyone at the Flat Track races from competitors to fans and family members that purchased the tickets to make this fundraiser a success." added team co-owner Michael Lloyd.

To get a better understanding or what soft barriers do and why they are so important, go to .

A website has also been set up () with a list of all of the names of those who generously purchased tickets in support of soft barriers.

For more information about AMA Pro Racing, go to www.amaproracing.com/ft/.

To learn more about soft barriers or to donate directly to the Roadracing World Action Fund visit .

*Trademark of Airfence Safety Systems