By the Numbers: Triumph Motorcycle Production

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50,000 Number of motorcycles Triumph builds each year. Maximum production volume is 250 bikes per day.
16 Models presently produced, built to nearly 1000 different specifications to supply the global market.
5 Engine types currently manufactured, including the 675cc triple, Bonneville parallel-twin, 1050cc triple, Thunderbird parallel-twin and Rocket III triple.
5 Triumph manufacturing facilities in the world. Two are in Britain, the other three in Thailand. Factory Two, built at Hinckley after a fire leveled the original in 1999, is the company's main motorcycle assembly facility.
3 Minutes between bikes rolling off the assembly line.
75 Number of workstations on the chassis assembly line. There are 20 workstations on the engine line.
7500 Bikes stored at Factory Two on any given day.
50,000 Number of parts and components stocked on an average day.
50 Percentage of the average engine that is manufactured and machined in-house-one of the highest in the industry.
60 Minutes it takes to machine the raw engine castings into finished components, using one of the company's five $2 million milling machines. The machine shop works double shifts to supply the production line.
90 Seconds between engines coming off the assembly line. That translates to 800 units per week, or roughly 160 per day.
1:15 Time it takes to build an engine from start to finish. It takes 5 hours to build a complete bike.
98 The "Right First Time" (RFT) percentage rate for Triumph engine production-again, one of the highest in the industry.
120 Max speed, in kilometers per hour, of the rolling road on which every Triumph is tested. That's almost 75 mph.
1500 Number of employees worldwide. About 120 work in assembly at Factory Two, with almost that many again working at that facility in research and design.
105.7 Call number of Oak-FM, the classic rock radio station workers have selected to play over the factory loudspeakers.
20 Years of Hinckley Triumph production. Happy anniversary, Triumph!
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