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My Zero FX
Ok, here I am again. Took a while due to other commitments. Actually I got my e-bike back the other week - with a chain instead of the belt. This was not obvious. Well, they did have the chain-set in... more
My Zero FX
Ok, today is going to be the acid test. It's cold outside but clear and sunny. Perfect for a trial in the field. Lots of people walking their dogs and making a stroll. And yes, I enjoy making their... more
My Zero FX
First day - Hooray, today my Zero FX arrived after a loooong wait. Not for the bike itself but for the batteries...and those are an indispensable part of an e-bike you know :D The weather was... more
My Zero FX
Day 2: Today I went out for a first ride in the field and dirt. Ready to attack the tracks were I rode my KTM 400 EXC for the last ten years. Thrilled? Yes. Nervous? Ditto. What if I had made an... more
Take a walk in the woods, it's morel season - A friend came by earlier this week and "dropped off a bag" (my how that meaning has changed over the years....) Free food, pan fried in butter, not... more
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