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Name the bike.
Nope nope and nope. The builder is probably better known for his Honda - And his Vincent -... more
Vintage Motorcycle Show KCMO 06/06/2010
joegreshI don't need to tell you this, but post pics.Well, OK, if you insist! :grin: Driving in, we come across this huge hanger - Getting closer, we see this looks like it is going to be a... more
End of the frame?
I was quite amused to read the article on page 38 in the May issue regarding a bike with no frame..I don't want to burst anyones bubble - but Vincent had that in 1946...Please do your research and... more
Confederate ? Im over you.
Until HD gives Buell a real engine to work with, it ain't gonna happen. Eric has some very interesting,if not always practical,ideas. But they give him a 1957 motor and lots an lots of plastic to... more
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