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My Triumph Of The day!
interesting that Triumph doesnt list the bar end mirrors as an option for the T-100 in its create a Triumph web application. but anywayz , i think they show upside down. they should be fliped and... more
My Triumph Of The day!
How about this Old Triumph of the Day. My old 1966 500, with the neighbor kid David and my Daughter Sharon sitting on the bike.... more
My Triumph Of The day!
Or,, Bobby Kirkland on his 1969 500 Triumph after he saw Easy Rider. :D Those are also Schwinn Bicycle handlebars on his bike. Nothing but the best to get the right look on your Chopper.. :shocked:... more
My Triumph Of The day!
This isn't really my Triumph, it is one I put together on the Triumph site. You can add or subtract different accessories that go on the bike you are trying to put together. When you have finished... more
My Triumph Of The day!
I did this one without the small fairing so I could see how the bike looked with this headlight cover. I don't know why I would use a cover like this, but it is offered as an accessiory on the... more
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