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The Suzuki Ad
This forum has enough problems getting people to contribute, the Suzuki ad should not pop up every time someone tried to get into the forums. Another forum had problems in the past with horrific... more
The Suzuki Ad
you guys remember the chattering head ad? the head reminded me of casey stengel. in fact i think it might have been for fantasy baseball site. i cant recall. but it was prominent, and annoying, for... more
Suzuki quits GP?
What's all this Suzuki quitting GP chatter? The depression strikes again.... more
Suzuki quits GP?
not only suzuki. but how about ducati? maybe i dont follow motogp enuff to know, but i though new rules were gonna limit the motors to in line fours? i think the mufactures are best served by racing... more
Suzuki TU250
Like the other guy said, it's not important what others think of your choice. The Suzuki and the other 250's are great bikes. Unless you're a poseur. My first street bike was a 1981 Kawasaki KZ250. I... more
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