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Following three successful years in the STK FIM World Cup, MV Agusta has decided to concentrate its efforts in developing the SBK version of the F4 RR 312 in collaboration with Team Gimotorsports,... more
2010 Best Dream Bike - Alternative Take MV Agusta F4
Pardon me, but "True, the new, sharper-edged bodywork maybe isn't as lovely..." Ummmm....and by that you mean the new F4 design is lacking and somehow disappointing? Nonsense! Everyone agrees that... more
Ducati Roads Not Taken
Thanks for the article on the prototype Ducati motors, it was very interesting. What I find hard to believe is that anyone - let alone an engineer like Bruno Tumedei - would expect the 350 Ricardo... more
Post up your new stuff
---------------------------------------- LOL! are you suggesting i drop this hemet critic as well? anyways, if dropping a helmet onto the pavement is bad for it, what good is it in the first place... more
Harley sells out Buell for a latte.
The only reason Harley purchased MV was to establish a dealer network in Europe. Buell is a different story completely. Eric was frustrated by the motor company and probably pissed off the wrong... more
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