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"Notus'ed" the Motus
Anyone able to give any additional feedback on the power the Motus develops? Need to re-read article.... New issue arrived, back to the mag........ more
Motus 2500cc V6
joegreshCan you photoshop in a shaft-drive for a brother?That would sure be nice, eh?... more
Motus 2500cc V6
Can you photoshop in a shaft-drive for a brother?... more
Motus 2500cc V6
Well, it was about time someone knocked the Rocket III off the pedestal for the all mighty torque king, and this might be the beast to do it. Rumors of 2500cc, 240 horsepower and 180 ft/lb of torque... more
Motus 2500cc V6
Well, for whatever reason, this was duplicated, replicated, well, OK, here we go: Rumors of 3400cc, 320 horsepower and 240 ft/lb of torque are eye opening. ;) Got boots?... more
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