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KTM SD 990
KTM mainly manufactures Dirt Bikes and Sports Bike that attracted any rider easily. With these all features, KTM SD 990 bike also has the greater engine power, short, barely glimpsed blur of... more
BMW 1100 GS vs KTM 1190 Adventurer.
Plan on buying a new bike in February. Living out here in Oregon, we really can use the ADV style bikes as they are made to be used. (we have far more miles of dirt road than we do paved). I will... more
My Zero FX
Ok, today is going to be the acid test. It's cold outside but clear and sunny. Perfect for a trial in the field. Lots of people walking their dogs and making a stroll. And yes, I enjoy making their... more
My Zero FX
Day 2: Today I went out for a first ride in the field and dirt. Ready to attack the tracks were I rode my KTM 400 EXC for the last ten years. Thrilled? Yes. Nervous? Ditto. What if I had made an... more
My Bike(s)
Good ADV bikes you have.Adventures bikes are good in both categories dual sport or enduro motorcycles. ADV bikes have main feature to ride that it is capable of covering great distances on less than... more
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